New York artist Myrna Minter-Forster has enjoyed a long career mining the rich, evocative territory of abstract gestural painting, interweaving aspects of the body into her compositions to further underscore a very personal exploration of Self. Whereas the fabled New York Abstract Expressionists early on formed the springboard for Minter’s irrepressible, physically demanding brushwork, the artist, who studied for a time with Theodore Stamos, clearly blazes her own trail infusing her canvases with self-referential iconography.

Minter courageously and unapologetically plots a course leading the willing viewer through emotional territory borne from the artist’s own experiences yet universal in their affect. Her Wagnerian oil paintings are epic and primal while the mixed media collage works that chart a course throughout her career as well are witty and succinct. In some cases, both approaches are orchestrated together on a single surface.

Minter-Forster’s work was most recently included in the 2016 group show, “Walking Backward in High Heels, Caelum Gallery, New York, NY and in the 2014 group show, “Sixteen Sweet,” Ivy Brown Gallery, New York, NY. In addition, Minter’s paintings and collages have appeared in several Postcards From the Edge invitational shows, the Caelum Gallery, Exit Art and Sperone Westwater in New York, the Montclair State University Kingsborough Gallery, New Jersey and the National Jewish Museum, Washington D.C.

Elizabeth Sadoff, Art Consultant

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